Effectively marketing your business requires establishing a web presence.
Your website can be a portal to grow and support your business.

Website Design Services:
  • We provide comprehensive web design services and we can build any type or size of website you require, from small custom designed websites or highly advanced online stores.
  • We offer each client one-on-one customer service directly with the web designer.  The web designer will meet with you personally to discuss and advise on your website requirements.
  • Help and advice from the start and throughout your project.
  • A website that’s clean, minimal and easy for your visitors to understand and navigate.
  • We also adhere to modern design trends ensuring relevant and current aesthetics are used in our designs.
  • Responsive design which adapts to mobile device displays.
CMS Packages - Without Hosting
  • 1-4 PAGER - From R2 200 incl. vat
  • 5-8 PAGER - From R4 400 incl.vat
  • 9-12 PAGER - From R6 600 incl. vat
  • Extra work at per hour fee - From R550 incl. vat
Website Maintenance Services:
Included Services
  • Content updating
  • Uploading of adverts
  • Changing images
  • Changing text content
  • Adding, changing and removing articles to blog sections.
  • Website layout changes
  • CMS plugins and security updates/configuration
Website Maintenance Packages
6 or 12 month contract available:
  • Level A  1-5 Hours per month = R450 incl. vat  per hour
  • Level B  6-10 Hours per month = R425 incl. vat  per hour
  • Level C  11 or more Hours per month = R400 incl. vat  per hour